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Keep Me Haunted

You said we would be friends for eternity, But here I lay, wallowing in misery. Like a clepto, the world steals lives from me You were no exception. Another casualty. My thoughts trail back into our inception; What created this bond? A competition. Skill arcades, that bore no repetition. T’was when we met, after cashed tuition. Years since you left, still I think all the same; That I was blessed, with a friend in your name. Your loss was enough to drive me insane, Left me hopeless and wished for one final game. Your memories still linger, and your joy was well wanted, So do me one last favor, friend, and please keep me haunted.

Dear father

Don't blame me For your insecurity With your inability To ease your mind Of where about I'll be. It's a demand not a plea With anger behind that decree That I must tell thee But I'm not inclined To tell anything I see. I am free Like a fish at sea Or like a wild flea For my life is defined By none other than me. No longer in infancy I found stability The inevitability That I must remind I have my own responsibility.