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Agony Review - Is it worth the asking price?

Video games are unique when it comes to the horror genre. In no other form of media do you actually get to be the victim or the lead role. Through film, graphic novels, novels, and poetry, we are observers to the world that is created, but video games are different. You enter the world that is created. No longer are you the eyes that sees the terror unfold. This is why this form is so powerful in the horror universe. When the choices made are solely your own, you become aware that you are at the mercy of the world around you. Games like Outlast, Evil Within, Resident Evil 4, Amnesia, even Kojima's demo of Silent Hill P.T. all knew how to use games to its horror advantage, so where did Agony go wrong? I'll go further into detail to explain how Agony missed the horror mark. I cannot remember when I was introduced to Agony, but I recall being intrigued by its interesting take on hell. Visuals looked promising, so I decided that I was going to follow its progress when it got clos