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Imagine that one day you wake, tied by chains to a chair. Across from you stands your killer. They smile a lifeless smile; their smile is only for their amusement. Somehow, the killer has set up cameras, to let you watch... Watch the life you once lived, a life where everyone exists without you. One you used to have, but no longer. Instead, sits a replacement. You're constantly made to view the world without you, but the copy's. To... Live by the rules that this killer has governed for your eyes. They suppress your sleep; keep you tied even in this state. As much as you want to get up, you're bound, kept until they say: When it's time to finally get up. The longer this goes on, the more you wish for it all to end. You hope for a day that will come that gives you freedom, And so you hold onto that hope, you choose to stay strong... but for how long? Days pass, And weeks come and go. Eventually, years begin to reach their cycle's end. You're s