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How is it that when I seek help, try to find peace
        I'm detained to a world of noise
Distractions, televisions, monitors, a menagerie of people
        And all I want is absolute silence
Judging eyes without a chance to defend
        It irritates, not stimulates the sense
What they want from me is not what I need
        Faltering my strength, my balance, my poise
This society has taken everything from me
        Array from the pain, the discord, and voilence
Something these vultures do not comprehend
        Peace from this, are they really so dense
Just leave me alone So I can be free
Mentally you bleed What must you atone You speak of solitude, but you know who you are        this journey here ventured has brought us thus far It's easy to hide, to reserve in a shell                             But trust and confide, this I do tell                         Scared you might be in this future to come                   Ever onward we'll fight till we are undone������…


How many times have you met the Reaper? Your every breath will one day cometh To you become the eternal sleeper.
But not today. Not tomorrow, Not any time soon. Don’t even come back. I’m alive and I like that. I am not a buffoon, No sorrow. Here to stay.
I’ve changed my life, I’ve dug deeper. Eye to eye with the face of Death, My eyes, a proud demeanor.