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One of the Lucky Ones

Born to a generation of limited technology Scorned by the realization of growing calamity I'm the first of my kind Living mentally blind A pioneer through my annals of time Hard work is what it took To live like a storybook But this concept's now hollow Taken away by those that don't follow Robbing all of us whole As we keep paying the toll Life quickly becomes static, pragmatic, and dull Siphoned of all including the soul But I'm one of the lucky ones I was not dealt the hardships of war Merely made poor, something I abhor Yet still, I'm one of the lucky ones I was not jailed because of my skin My gender didn't call the beatings to begin My sexuality never viewed as a sin Born a minority with issues within This culture acceptance came from my appearance Non-threatening they say allowed for perseverance No weapon was drawn through my incoherence No worries to grow about a disappearance. I was jailed for my ignorance, Beaten for