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The Girl and the Red Dress

Alone, she waited for her father to arrive His poem is what always made her feel alive. Moments of cherish centered around the time When he returned, to read her favorite rhyme. The winds grew louder, howling through the trees To which, her cower moved her under sheets. The storm crescendo’d turning rather violent But still, she sat, leaving her just silent. Not a moment too soon, a knocking at her door The fear, once had, won’t bother anymore. “Sweet Emilia,” he spoke, “I fear I took too long.” “Of course not, father. I just waited for your song.” Like an anniversary or a form of jubilee Her eyes lit while smiling full of glee. It was their custom for him to address Her favorite story of The Girl and The Red Dress. The winds went silent, and the trees grew still Like they too awaited their fill He took a seat, next to her bed Caressed her hair, and that’s when he said, “Long ago, was a bright young girl, With a heart so pure, as be