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Anything for my Children

The moon was full and bright, and despite its cold winds, this made the perfect evening for Alistair to spend with his beloved wife. It was a ritual that they shared for many years, that on every full moon, they would dine on the marble balcony that overlooked their garden of cherry blossoms. Dinner was prepared by their servant Walter, who would bring a new dish that he learned during his holidays in Italy. Every dish was always accompanied with the perfect wine. Each night spent with her was more precious than the last, until Victoria never sat across from him again.             “A beautiful evening, is it not?” Alistair asked, hoping that the wind would answer. Victoria had passed six years prior, and despite her absence, Alistair always requested that Walter prepare a dinner for two on every full moon. For six years, he sat across a vacant seat, eating his meal and drinking his wine, alone. Her death came without warning. One day Victoria never woke from her sleep after a day