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Under the Influence

This sounds absurd Officer Unlike what you may have heard. Giving that my vision is blurred Hell, even my speech is slurred, Seriously, I'm not under the influence, sir. Happens that some bird Instantly dropped a turd That's what caused this to occur.


May I be honest with you? What I'm about to tell you is rather true, That I do struggle with a drug or two So I can sleep and not wake up past noon. While it'd be nice to call me lazy For my time spent in bed. I'm actually hazy, Lost in an ecliptic struggle that's known as my mind, Every time I wake I'm feeling mentally blind And I just can't unwind. I feel like I'm in this never ending bind, Making my nights combined With liquor and pills That'll calm the chills I know I'll wake every morning There's no need for mourning. These aren't the drugs that'll fuck me up. They're just making me sane, Making it possible to explain That this worldly domain Isn't lived in vain. It's just a shame That this is what I have to do to not be insane.