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You're Never Alone

Have you ever stared into the eyes of the dead when your thoughts have said that you were bred to be haunted by these thoughts of suicide? When you feel that those thoughts define how you should be defied, feeling like you've been crucified or brutalized by your inner conscience, telling you that you're worthless, that there's no point in workin' or breathin', that all are just deceivin' you. And how you would much rather eat a bullet to neutralize those thoughts that paralyze you from succeedin'. That you're no better than a heathen in the eyes of a Christian. Just some parasite, feedin' on the food that others need to be alive. You feel that you have no right to thrive, that you'd be better off if you took a dive, but then feel ashamed so you have to disguise the mental struggle and it's just so fucking hard to survive, because all you want to do is apologize for taking up space that some other life that should have replac