One of the Lucky Ones

Born to a generation of limited technology
Scorned by the realization of growing calamity

I'm the first of my kind
Living mentally blind
A pioneer through my annals of time

Hard work is what it took
To live like a storybook
But this concept's now hollow
Taken away by those that don't follow

Robbing all of us whole
As we keep paying the toll
Life quickly becomes static, pragmatic, and dull
Siphoned of all including the soul

But I'm one of the lucky ones

I was not dealt the hardships of war
Merely made poor, something I abhor

Yet still, I'm one of the lucky ones

I was not jailed because of my skin
My gender didn't call the beatings to begin
My sexuality never viewed as a sin
Born a minority with issues within

This culture acceptance came from my appearance
Non-threatening they say allowed for perseverance
No weapon was drawn through my incoherence
No worries to grow about a disappearance.

I was jailed for my ignorance,
Beaten for my arrogance,
It was mostly my ow…

Any Thoughts of Hurting Yourself?

A question of concern                                                              Words that spew out from the masses
From those that will yearn                                            Never once seeing the thoughts full of caskets
Hoping one day that they'll never learn                                             Visions of pain, infliction, and acids
Early sight bemoaned to a casket or urn                                Forevermore fearing being buried in ashes
Those memories are dear, deserving of more                                         To sit and to fight day after day
Not to be remembered as a life of before                                   Contender from birth, an eternal melee
The smiles past given; selfless and pure                              The courage and strength allowing the stay
Wisdom last spoken, a genuine mentor                             Quivers and shakes from too long in the fray
Moments past shared - one of splendor                              …

Once and for All

Each new day brings a sun that's rising
 My mind isn't compromising
  It's comprising of thoughts not confiding in shots
   Connecting no dots and idolizing dreadnoughts
    Asking me always my thoughts on what a beautiful suicide means.

      How do we act, how do we fall,
      What's the best way to answer when Death gives us that call
       I've seen how I die in most ways, not all
        I thank my will my veins aren't drowning in ethanol
        Though I can recall years against the wall
         hitting a bottle of alcohol, like some repeat protocol
          Just tryna end it all. That fate is one I must erase
           Once and for all.

           Why do I fight? I'm still asking to this day.
             Maybe I'm not meant to go out this way.
              I've been robbed of death or given a chance
              To breathe a good breath before my last dance

                Residing in me I wish were the answers
                 To all…


How is it that when I seek help, try to find peace
        I'm detained to a world of noise
Distractions, televisions, monitors, a menagerie of people
        And all I want is absolute silence
Judging eyes without a chance to defend
        It irritates, not stimulates the sense
What they want from me is not what I need
        Faltering my strength, my balance, my poise
This society has taken everything from me
        Array from the pain, the discord, and voilence
Something these vultures do not comprehend
        Peace from this, are they really so dense
Just leave me alone So I can be free
Mentally you bleed What must you atone You speak of solitude, but you know who you are        this journey here ventured has brought us thus far It's easy to hide, to reserve in a shell                             But trust and confide, this I do tell                         Scared you might be in this future to come                   Ever onward we'll fight till we are undone������…


How many times have you met the Reaper? Your every breath will one day cometh To you become the eternal sleeper.
But not today. Not tomorrow, Not any time soon. Don’t even come back. I’m alive and I like that. I am not a buffoon, No sorrow. Here to stay.
I’ve changed my life, I’ve dug deeper. Eye to eye with the face of Death, My eyes, a proud demeanor.

Camille's Way Home - Chapter 1: Awakened

Her breath was rapid and short. Each stride that was taken was one that came from a need for safety. Beads of sweat dripped down her face, occasionally merging with the constant tears pooling from her eyes. Camille was not sure why she was running, nor was she aware that she was doing so in that moment. It was when her vision came back that she realized her movement. In a strange twist, it felt as if she had just woken from traumatizing night terror, but her body had reacted long before the nightmare was over.
Run. I need to keep running. The thought lingered. The commanding whisper grew louder with each pressing step, as if she weren’t fast enough. Despite the burn of the lactic acid in her legs, Camille forced her feet to push harder against the ground. I’m not far enough away yet. Each inhale allowed her another set of steps until a sharp pain darted through her ribs; her body demanded pause. The sprint turned to a jog, which turned into a walk, before reaching the base of a cliff …

The Last Clock: Premonition

My eyes felt like they were crusted shut. I didn’t want to wake up, I didn’t want to get up, but one look at the clock sprung me out of bed as I shouted, “Oh, shit,” realizing that I overslept, and I only have thirty minutes to get to class. I poured a bowl of cereal, opened the fridge to grab some milk, but the carton was empty. “Assholes,” I grunted, figuring that one of my flat-mates was responsible. What irritated me most about it was that if I even confronted them about it, both would deny it. Freakin' asshats; no one here even tries owning up to their mistakes. I was about to dump the cereal in the trash when I noticed that it was a heaping mess that couldn’t even fit even a single flake without falling on the floor. I really don’t have time for this right now and I’m getting more pissed by every new problem. I decided to leave the bowl on the table, and grab some bread instead, but of course, even that had to go wrong. As I opened the loaf, all that was left fell on the flo…