Once and for All

Each new day brings a sun that's rising
 My mind isn't compromising
  It's comprising of thoughts not confiding in shots
   Connecting no dots and idolizing dreadnoughts
    Asking me always my thoughts on what a beautiful suicide means.

      How do we act, how do we fall,
      What's the best way to answer when Death gives us that call
       I've seen how I die in most ways, not all
        I thank my will my veins aren't drowning in ethanol
        Though I can recall years against the wall
         hitting a bottle of alcohol, like some repeat protocol
          Just tryna end it all. That fate is one I must erase
           Once and for all.

           Why do I fight? I'm still asking to this day.
             Maybe I'm not meant to go out this way.
              I've been robbed of death or given a chance
              To breathe a good breath before my last dance

                Residing in me I wish were the answers
                 To all that we seek within our own passage
                  Preventing the bleak, I fill life with laughter
                   This heart-filled melody has been my advantage.


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