Any Thoughts of Hurting Yourself?

A question of concern                                                             
Words that spew out from the masses

From those that will yearn                                           
Never once seeing the thoughts full of caskets

Hoping one day that they'll never learn                                            
Visions of pain, infliction, and acids

Early sight bemoaned to a casket or urn                               
Forevermore fearing being buried in ashes

Those memories are dear, deserving of more                 
                        To sit and to fight day after day

Not to be remembered as a life of before             
                     Contender from birth, an eternal melee

The smiles past given; selfless and pure         
                     The courage and strength allowing the stay

Wisdom last spoken, a genuine mentor   
                         Quivers and shakes from too long in the fray

Moments past shared - one of splendor
                                 Fearing such thoughts that dwindle away

A world to explore for the true troubadour 
                                Life is not meant to be lived in that way

The question now seen indeed does falls short 
                  This question in turn may linger with heart

Leaving so little in terms of support           
                                      Stitching together from falling apart

A selfish desire left hoping to thwart 
                                              A selfless inspire in hoping to thwart

Leaving a pain that grows to contort
                              The darkness inside that plagued from the start

Who then is left in giving support       
                                         Terror can fade from strength to impart

When decisions are made to a lifeless deport     
             When decisions are made preventing depart

A lack of understanding; a world of deception

Issues burnt in the mindless perception

Filled with a blinding misdirection

Open one's mind is the only exception


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