San Francisco

 Our history together is complex

Nothing in bound I detest

For the passion and sights

And wonderful nights

Are memories that call for respect

My youth was when I knew of you

In age was when I came through

Was but for a short time

In feelings sublime 

And smiles crept with the rear view

The thought lingered and months passed

I returned once more steady fast

Though this time and in visit

Was nothing exquisite

Returned to the south like life asked

Years had ventured to which I was called

A new found passion which to enthrall

I worked day and night

And the feeling felt right

There's no way in which I would fall

A new years was spent with you

And though not really wanting to

The tequila train came rushin’

And we kept on chuggin’

A headache then dawned that’s true

Returned once more during COVID

The tension that lingered was morbid

Though hints were then dropped

That I shouldn't stop

Perception that was truly noted

Now ten years have passed and I hear

Calls to return upon this year

To enter again

And choose to now spend

The memories that I hold so dear



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