Nothing More

Your eyes view me as a demon
If so, I'll be a devil.
Your gaze skews me like a saint
That be, I'll be an angel.

I can only be me, and nothing more;
A lover in matrimony, or a sensual paramour
A god of hegemony, or a ravenous manticore
A bringer of sanctimony, or a scandelous whore
A growing agrimony, or a feral bore
A member of an amphictyomy, or one to abhor
Adjusted to polyphony, or broken to the core
Advant to gluttony, or one to adore
A fiend in parsimony, or one that gives for
A two-faced phony, or a mind to explore
A fester of idiocy, or a wise mentor
A cist of disharmony, or a tranquil shore
A contradicting irony, or a stage of folklore
I will only be me, and nothing more.

Your tongue speaks me of as a heaven,
If so, I'll make you tranquil.
Your voice spews me like a wraith
That be, I'll be pure evil.


  1. A wonderful look at how we se ourselves through the eyes of others. It immediatly caled to mind 'Thunder, Perfect Mind'


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