We All Must Speak

Have you ever wondered what hell was like?
No. You’ve only experienced paradise.
Fuck the thought that brought the ideology
Of an afterlife.
What about the man that lost his wife
Due to some genetic creature of life.
Evolutionary biology, one hell of a strife.
Continue spreading lies until all lives will dive.

Protect the rights of the unborn; your alibi? 
Oh, are you too worried that a fetus is alive?
Then why do you dismiss the ones that cry?
Wanting only help so they can get by?
Hopeless in life; do you wish them to die?

Humanity is null, your god is only paper.
All that matters, is if you are made safer.
You care only for your own profit,
So create your own prophet.
Not a messiah that states,
“Treat all like yourselves,”
You wouldn’t wish you dead,
Yet your lies pour like a faucet,
Still you deem that others have lost it.
Life must be nice that you to get to savor
The privileges of white dominated behavior.


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